Guelph's The Kramdens are marking their silver anniversary with the release of NO ONE HERE IS REFLECTING ANY LIGHT. Many of its songs have never been heard outside of their studio. This marks a departure from the band's familiar mode of workshopping songs in front of live audiences, fine-tuning them, then finally committing to them. It is, after all, in front of live audiences where The Kramdens cultivated their reputation as one of Canada's best live acts, playing anywhere and everywhere from backyards to festivals, bars to national television.

A brief biography

The Kramdens are a 5 piece band from Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Started in 1990, the band has released 5 studio albums, been broadcast coast to coast, has performed extensively, including performances on national television.

The Kramdens are fronted by CBC Radio Host, Craig Norris.

The Kramdens are
Steve Knox - Guitars
Robert Leader - Drums, Vocals
Craig Norris - Vocals, Keyboards
Mike Ostler - Bass, Vocals
Michael Plater Findlay - Guitars, Vocals